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Our new website (with online shopping cart) is live and this page will become a only pointer to our new home.

To place an order for Weck jars, JOI Candle Lanterns, or any of our other lines, please visit our new website & place your order through there.  We are already doing business as Homestead Favourites and that is what will show on your receipt & credit card statement.

The shopping cart on THIS website is dismantled & your order will not go through!

For our customers on Facebook, our Homestead Favourites page is up & running as well as our online store, where not only our Weck jars are available but our other products as well.

Stay tuned!  Exciting times ahead!!

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Weck jars are beautiful, heavy, thick, all-glass canning jars, suitable for both hot-water-bath and pressure canning.  There is no BPA in the all-glass lid, and the jars are sealed with a 100% natural rubber gasket.  During processing, lids are held on by stainless steel clamps and removed after processing when the jars are cooled.  No metal is left on the jar to rust or dent while in storage.

Besides being sustainable, Weck jars are beautiful and currently available in six styles and twenty sizes; it's easy to tailor your recipe (or other application) for just the right size, right-looking, functional bottle.

Please search or browse our inventory of Weck canning jars and accessories, books, and food related cards.
We are happy to ship your order, but if you are live in or are visiting the Halifax area, please stop in to see our display of Weck jars in person.  They are available for immediate purchase through our retail brick-and-mortar store.

You can also find us on our (new) Facebook page here! 

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