Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  Does Weck make lids for Mason/Ball style jars?

A.  The good news is small Weck glass lids will fit on normal mason-style jars and medium glass lids will fit on wide-mouth jars.

The bad news is that there isn’t a way to keep them on.  🙁

The thick glass lid inside raises the metal ring so much that it can’t meet the threads and be screwed on anymore.  The glass lid can’t be held on just by the metal clamps; the distance between the threads means you can’t use clamps on opposite sides of the jar, and while it is somewhat possible having the clamps closer (about 1/4 circumference), that leads to a pretty insecure closure.

If you want to use Weck lids as a loose-fitting cover for jars you go into a lot (jam, teabags/coffee, small snacks like raisins) the small Weck glass lids will work on the normal size and the medium lids will work on the wide-mouth style – but in no way is this an airtight seal or suitable for long-term storage.

Q.  How do I know if the jar has sealed?

A.   After processing, when the jars are completely cooled, remove the clamps and try to lift the jar slightly by the lid.  If you can lift the jar, it has sealed properly.

Also, as a visual check, on a properly sealed jar, the rubber tab will point downward – almost as if sticking out its tongue.  🙂

Q.  Are Weck jars suitable for pressure canning?

A.  Yes, but you will need extra clamps spaced evenly around the edge of the jar.  One extra clamp is officially recommended, I recommend two, but you can add more if you wish.

The clamps are only used during the canning process and just after.  After the appropriate wait time (overnight or twenty-four hours – until the jars are completely cooled), remove the clamps and try lifting the jars slightly by the lid.  If you can lift the jars, they have sealed properly.

(As is usual, in the first few days after processing, you should carry out seal checks again, and always before you open each jar.)

Q.  Do I need a minimum order for shipping?

A.  No.  I’m happy to ship as little as one package of clamps or rubber gaskets.  🙂  However, with a larger order, the shipping does get cheaper per pound.

Even if this is your first experience with Weck jars, I do strongly encourage ordering at least two cases, be they the same or different sizes & styles.  It is very little extra postage for the second case and you will love them.  🙂

Q.  Do they have to be shipped?  Are Weck jars available at a retail location?

A.  Yes!  There is a selection of jars on display so you can actually see and handle the various sizes and styles, and a small selection is carried in the store for immediate purchase.  (Edit Jan 31, 2013: Well, they were, and they will be again.  🙂  However, right now we are in the process of building/renovating our new store location and they will not be available to be seen by local customers until the end of April (unless by appointment.)

If you are from out of town and planning to stock up – please call or email us a day or two ahead of time with your order so we can be sure to have it set aside for you!

Q.  Why does it cost so much to ship gaskets, clamps and extra lids?

A.  First of all, don’t panic!  It’s a quirk of the website shipping calculations; it assumes at least a minimum default weight for each item.  If you are only purchasing rubber gaskets, clamps, Keep-Fresh lids, or even glass lids, the shipping will seem high.  The website assumes you are primarily purchasing jars, and just adding a few extra gaskets or clamps to the order.  (When shipping a couple of cases of jars, the weight of a package or two of gaskets is pretty much non-existent.)

All purchases are charged to your card manually.  An order of just light items will be packed and charged accordingly and it will be much less than the website invoice indicates.