How People Use Their Weck Jars

I never cease to be amazed at people’s creativity!

This page is dedicated to all the ways people have told me they use their Weck jars … please send it yours as well!

~ Handmade hand cream (W902 Deco) – Julie C, NS: Just the right size and shape to give as a gift.  The belly on the bottle makes it easy to scoop out the cream and the jar is short enough to reach the bottom.  šŸ™‚

~ Brandied Clementine oranges!Ā  (W748 Deco) – Steve T, NS – See the gallery pageĀ hereĀ under Mold Style.Ā  I had not really heard of these before, but they sound yummy!

~ Fermenting vegetables (especially the 1 litre (W745) & 2.5 litre (W739) tulip styles – Mary B, NS:  I think this is brilliant!  Easy shape, nice wide mouth, easy to make as air-tight or not as you like by varying the usage of lid, gaskets, and clamps.  And – you can see the progress of your vegetables and know right away if there are any problems with insufficient liquid, mold, etc.  Besides, it’s just pretty sitting on your counter!

~ Holding nuts & small candies (W905 Asparagus) – Judy, USA – “I have several of these on the counter holding nuts & Skittles – it’s more hygienic as people can’t dig the candy out with possibly unwashed hands – they have to tilt the jars.”

~ Homemade baby food (W080 Mini Mold) – Elizabeth P, NS – Perfect size for single servings of baby food – and knowing there is no BPA in the lids!